writer: Bianca Serfontein

Sarah’s Dream Dress

Dove Approved for All Ages

Sarah's Dream Dress is the first in a series of book by new authors Bianca Serfontein and Nicola Meyers from South Africa. The team will publish exquisite books featuring a hero from the Bible paired with a story to teach and inspire specific values those heroes represent. Their collection is [...]

Esther’s Brave Dance

Dove Approved for All Ages

Esther the ballerina is full of courage, but it's in her powerful prayer life that she finds bravery. Esther's mother has taught her how important it is to pray each day that God clothe her with His armor that grants her faith, peace, hope, and courage. This courage is what helps Esther lead her [...]

Lydia Shares Joy

Dove Approved for All Ages

Lydia Shares Joy, written by Bianca Serfontein and Nicola Meyer and illustrated by Francis Tomaselli, is inspired by Lydia of Thyatira, the merchant of purple cloth in the Book of Acts. This book seeks to build godly character in young girls as they learn to be grateful and generous. We first [...]