writer: David Seidler

The Kings Speech

"The King's Speech" is a dramatization of the relationship between two men. One is the King of England, a man of power who stammers and the other is his speech therapist. The film explores their sessions together and the effect it had on King Edward. Radio was the medium of the day and as the [...]

Son of the Dragon

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Although there are several martial art fights and sword skirmishes in this film, much of it is fantasy-based,with some of the characters leaping and twisting in the air and even flying for a few moments. There is very little blood in comparison to the battles, and although there is some magic, for [...]

By Dawns Early Light

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

A teen with attitude learns life lessons from his wise old grandpa. Not much new here, but it is well executed. The two have several adventures and the boy learns about character and doing something worthwhile. Positive messages abound, including a respect for God, flag and people. This film is [...]