writer: Jim Jarmusch

Broken Flowers – Filtered

January 3, 2006
Don Johnston (Bill Murray) goes on an existential journey while trying to find his long lost son's mother. The film's foral elements and acting are solidly constructed and very well done, but unfortunately the theme is Don's extra marital multiple past relationships. This film was centered around [...]

Broken Flowers

This film received mixed reviews from many critics and is only a limited-release production. But, as a long-time fan of Bill Murray, I was excited to review this film for myself. In "Broken Flowers," Murray steps even further away from the comedic films of his past. Much of this film is based on [...]

Coffee and Cigarettes

September 21, 2004
The average movie goer will find this unconventional film boring and its lack of action unsatisfying, but it does have its positive side. Since there is no action, Coffee and Cigarettes contains no violence or sex. Most of the characters, or speakers, have redeeming desires, but few enjoy the [...]

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

Mixing genres, film techniques, and humor, the eccentric filmmaker gives us a hip-hop hero much like Super Fly, if he had been converted while trippin’ in the Far East. Amusing, never linear, but it is impossible for me to ultimately enjoy a film that uses “the” swear word 75 times, alone. [...]