writer: Joel Coen


George Clooney had his hands all over this movie as one of the writers, as its producer and director, and he missed the mark with Suburbicon, which is unintentionally ironic. In this re-working of an old Cohen brothers’ script, he tells the story of a small Caucasian family named the [...]

Hail, Caesar!

"Hail, Caesar!" is an original -- there is nothing else like it in theaters these days. It calls back to a lost time in Hollywood when studio heads fixed problems on movies, including keeping their stars out of the wrong kind of headlines. In this case, Josh Brolin is the man in charge of keeping [...]

Bridge of Spies

"Bridge of Spies" is quite a film. It features a top-notch performance from Tom Hanks as attorney James B. Donovan, who is assigned to defend Russian spy Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance). This movie is based on true events. Donovan is determined to give Abel a fair defense and, despite his unpopularity [...]


"Unbroken" is a powerful movie, especially considering that it is based on a true story. Louis Zamperini was a strong-willed child, experimenting as a teen with drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. However, he was raised by loyal parents who disciplined yet loved him. His mother prayed for him [...]

A Serious Man

This film covers a lot of topics, sometimes in a humorous manner, but also with a lot of strong language. It is 1967 and a Jewish boy named Danny (Aaron Wolf) is about to have his barmitzvah. He is a typical boy who enjoys watching "F-Troop" on TV and who occasionally gets into trouble in school. [...]

Burn After Reading

The employees of a fitness center plan to blackmail a former CIA agent and when things go wrong, the comedy begins. It all stems from a CIA official's memoirs falling into the hands of a couple of the fitness center's employees. There are some funny moments in the film, including physical comedy [...]

No Country for Old Men

The Bible states the love of money is the root of all evil, not money itself. It is certainly true in this film, in which a character named Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) puts his life in danger as well as his wife's to hold on to some blood money he stumbles across. Javier Bardem plays the man bent [...]

The Man Who Wasnt There

April 16, 2002
Most prominent of the objectionable content is foul language, with 25 strong profanities, including God's name in vain 16 times, but only one mild obscenity and several moderate crudities. One scene features a phony fortune-teller/psychic. And in one violent and somewhat gruesome scene, which [...]

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Modernizing a classic story like Homer's Odyssey was a great idea. I'm sure the brothers Coen spend years pitching the idea to various studio heads. But it would take a main attraction like George Clooney in the credits to sell the concept. With a headline name comes certain insurance that the film [...]