writer: Jonathan Estrin

Candles On Bay Street

Dove Approved for All Ages

This movie is family-friendly all the way. Hallmark Hall of Fame does another outstanding job with this production. The whole family should watch this while eating their leftover turkey sandwiches when this airs Thanksgiving weekend. It is a wholesome but realistic story about a single mother named [...]

The Water is Wide

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"The Water is Wide" is a well-directed film and once it establishes its plot, it is story-telling at its best. It picks up steam in the classroom with Pat Conroy (played by a relative newcomer, Jeff Hephner) and it's really a fresh and entertaining story. Hephner plays Conroy exceptionally [...]

Jasper, Texas

August 5, 2003
Lou Gossett Jr, and Jon Voight's combined talents bring depth and heart to a story that needs to be retold in the 21st century. In the same manner that the Holocaust needs to be retold to each successive generation, so too this horrific crime should never be buried in the archives of the past, nor [...]