writer: Kate Lanier

Beauty Shop – Filtered

August 23, 2005

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Gina Norris lives in Atlanta and is making a name for herself with her own line of conditioners. But when her boss, Jorge, criticizes her one time too many she quits his salon to open her own beauty shop, taking the shampoo girl and a few of Jorge's clients with her. Gina buys a rundown beauty shop [...]

Beauty Shop

There is a strong positive message in "Beauty Shop." Gina Norris makes her daughter's upbringing and education a top priority so that Vanessa will be raised to be confident and successful. Gina invests tremendous effort, not only in building her business, but also in developing her workers [...]


WOW! Mariah Carey can sing. This film captures the range of Carey's singing voice and has many songs packed with emotion. Also, many other songs that fuel the dance craze of the 1980's. If you like Mariah Carey, I think you will enjoy this film. This film is very typical of a unknown artists' [...]