writer: Kevin Commins

Best Christmas Party Ever

October 6, 2015

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"Best Christmas Party Ever" is a terrific Christmas movie that is fun to watch any time of the year. It deals with themes of overcoming misunderstandings and following one's heart. Party planner Jennie Stanton (Torrey DeVitto) is well-liked and experienced and hopes to take over the reigns when she [...]

Come Dance With Me

October 15, 2013

Dove Approved for All Ages

Jack's life is right on track. He is working hard for a promotion, dating the boss's daughter and on the verge of making a deal for a big contract. Plus he wants to propose to Drew at the Christmas party. He has just one thing to get into order and that is he needs to take dancing lessons so that [...]

The Case for Christmas

October 30, 2012

Dove Approved for All Ages

"The Case for Christmas" will remind viewers of "Miracle on 34th Street," yet it comes across as fresh and original. Dean Cain does a terrific job playing attorney Michael Sherman, a man who hasn't had very many cases. His daughter, Lily (Helen Colliander), loves Santa Clause and all things [...]

You Lucky Dog

November 9, 2010

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

It is amazing how a new pet in the family can cause a big change for everyone. This story tells how one cute and adorable sheep herding dog brings together a father, son and daughter following the death of the mother of the family. Lisa returns to the family farm after being away for many years and [...]