writer: Peter Steinfeld


March 28, 2008
Gambling can be addictive and become a serious problem for some people. The characters in this film think they have it figured out because they are not "gambling", they are "counting cards and playing a system with definite rules". But the glitz, glamor and high of winning gets to even the most [...]

Be Cool

March 4, 2005
The Rock and Vince Vaughn were hilarious in this film as was Cedric the Entertainer. Those, combined with some clever actions of Chili Palmer (Travolta), were the only benefits of sitting through “Be Cool.” The movie just dragged on too long (I know two hours isn’t long, but it seemed that [...]

Drowning Mona

March 3, 2000
Meant as black comedy, “Drowning Mona” left me aghast. I found it nearly devoid of humor. And what laughs there were depended on crudity, spousal abuse, and gruesome sight gags, including dismemberment. At one point, townsfolk speculate how Mona’s son lost his hand. After several grisly [...]