writer: Rich Wilkes

xXx: State of the Union

I was wondering how they came up with the name XXX. After viewing this sequel, I determined that it quite possibly stands for X-tra X-treme X-plosions. The last time I saw that much stuff blow up I was with my buddies on July 4th. This movie was a hundred minutes of explosions, gunfire, and [...]

xXx- Edited

September 24, 2003
Vin Diesel fans will enjoy this fast paced action thriller. He plays a reluctant spy, but as he goes along he finds the role desirable, especially when he meets up with a Russian woman whom he fancies. The visual effects are awesome and Diese'sl understated performance is fun to watch. There is so [...]


December 31, 2002
Like the Bond films, TRIPLE X is filled with chases, explosions and gadgets, including a souped-up 1967 GTO, although most of the violence is not graphic or gory. A few scenes have scantily clad women and strongly suggest sexual encounters, but the emphasis is on action. However, the dialogue is [...]