writer: Steve Koren

A Thousand Words

March 9, 2012
Talk about a movie having two sides to it. On the one hand Eddie Murphy's character, Jack McCall, learns a lesson in this film, actually two, and they are that family must be a priority and letting go of anger and forgiveness is essential in order for one to have peace. And we hear a weighty [...]


June 23, 2006
"Click" is a comedy about a man who goes out to get a TV remote and comes home with a universal remote to control his universe. While there are a couple of funny scenes, I found many others to be childish and crude. It seems like Director Frank Coraci is into toilet humor. I think he missed even [...]

Bruce Almighty

May 23, 2003
Where do you begin when you are reviewing a film about a man (Jim Carey) who gets to be God for a short time? On the negative side, the character of Bruce Nolan does some things with his powers that are very UN-God like, such as pleasing his live-in girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston) in a super-charged [...]