writer: Steve Koren

A Thousand Words

Talk about a movie having two sides to it. On the one hand Eddie Murphy's character, Jack McCall, learns a lesson in this film, actually two, and they are that family must be a priority and letting go of anger and forgiveness is essential in order for one to have peace. And we hear a weighty [...]


October 10, 2006
"Click" is a comedy about a man who goes out to get a TV remote and comes home with a universal remote to control his universe. While there are a couple of funny scenes, I found many others to be childish and crude. It seems like Director Frank Coraci is into toilet humor. I think he missed even [...]

Bruce Almighty – Edited

January 25, 2004

Dove Approved for All Ages

Jim Carrey is a fantastically funny guy and in this film he has a heart of gold at the end of the movie. This film os one I believe we can all relate to. It deals with the focus of our lives, our goals, and dreams for the future and how many times we can mess them totally up. Bruce has his eye [...]

Bruce Almighty

November 25, 2003
Where do you begin when you are reviewing a film about a man (Jim Carey) who gets to be God for a short time? On the negative side, the character of Bruce Nolan does some things with his powers that are very UN-God like, such as pleasing his live-in girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston) in a super-charged [...]

Night At The Roxbury, A – Filtered

April 20, 1999
Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell play two, not- so- cool, brothers who are desperate to get into the hottest club in town- the Roxbury, and they try, unsuccessfully, to get in every night. One night they happen to get into a car accident with Richard Grieco and he agrees to get them into the club to [...]