writer: Susannah Grant

The 5th Wave

January 22, 2016
"The 5th Wave" is another alien invasion movie, but this one has a unique take, and it involves the children of Earth. Cassie Sullivan (Chloe Grace Moretz) is a high school girl who lives in Ohio with her parents, Oliver and Lisa (Ron Livingston and Maggie Siff), and her brother, Sam (Zackary [...]

The Soloist

April 24, 2009
It's intriguing that this film is based on a true story. Nathaniel Ayers (Jamie Foxx) is a homeless man but different than most. He is a musical prodigy who attended Julliard and who has a mental illness. When L.A. Times news reporter Steve Lopez (Robert Downey Jr.) comes across him on the street [...]

Charlottes Web

December 15, 2006

Dove Approved for All Ages

"Charlotte's Web" is an audience's delight! This is a holiday film which every family in America can feel good about seeing. The story is essentially about keeping promises, as Charlotte does for Wilbur, by keeping her promise that he will live past Christmas. She takes special care of him to keep [...]

Catch and Release

January 26, 2007
A comedy that starts out at a funeral always makes me wonder where the laughs are going to come from. Then they throw in a few odd friends of the deceased and a secret about his life that his fiancé wasn't aware of. This is the cause of only a few laughs. The rest of the film falls short of [...]

In Her Shoes

September 27, 2005
This movie will make you laugh and cry as you watch the ups and downs between two sisters. It reminded me of some that I have had in the past with my own younger sister. Not that they were the same, but all sisters have a few differences about things here and there. It brought a smile to my face [...]

28 Days

April 14, 2000
“28 Days” doesn’t contain the dramatic impact that, say, “Days of Wine and Roses” did nearly 40 years ago. It is more rehab-lite. Although Ms. Bullock is one of my favorites because she has a vulnerability that even transcends her outward beauty, she lacks the depth to make this character [...]

Erin Brockovich

March 17, 2000
This is the role Roberts has been searching for. The character conquers prejudice, injustice and economic woes. Peggy Lee’s salute to womanhood, “I’m A Woman,” and Helen Reddy’s ‘70’s feminist anthem, “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar,” must have been written with a character such as [...]