writer: Tina Gordon Chism


May 10, 2013
When a man surprises his girlfriend who has left for a family gathering, they all get more than he had bargained for. Disfunctionality is the essence of this modern family. The son steals continually, the sister is a lesbian and the mother drinks a solution mixed with "magic mushrooms". Not the [...]


March 31, 2006
Remember all the issues you had to face when you were coming of age? Well this story shows how Rashad faces many issues in his young life that have stopped him from seeing his true talents. The overriding theme of this film concentrates on the differences between social classes as they relate to [...]


December 13, 2002

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This story about a young drummer who just graduated from high school has some good moments. Young Devon Miles (Nick Cannon) attends a college in Atlanta but he has got a whole lot to learn about life. Dr. Lee (Orlando Jones), the band director, is just the man to instruct him. Dr. Lee's theme is [...]