Capture The Flag

DVD Release: March 1, 2016
Capture The Flag


This family adventure follows Mike Goldwing, a 12-year-old surfer who flies to the moon to save the world with the help of his friends, ex-astronaut grandfather, and a crazy pet lizard.

Dove Review

“Capture the Flag” is imaginative and visually appealing. The plot involves astronaut Scott Goldwing, his father and former astronaut, Frank, and Scott’s son, 12-year-old Mike. Scott and his father Frank have not spoken to each other in years, and Mike doesn’t understand why. All he knows is that his grandfather almost got to go to the moon but didn’t. Mike’s mother, having made a promise to Mike’s now deceased grandmother, continues to take Mike to see his grandfather, although Frank apparently wants nothing to do with the family.

A man who has his own TV show, Richard Carson, announces that he believes the moon landing of 1969 was a hoax, and he plans to travel to the moon to prove there is no U.S. flag there. The President of the U.S., a lady, orders NASA to send a man to the moon again to show that the flag is indeed still there. Frank comes out of retirement and winds up working with Scott and Mike on the mission. Although not everything goes smoothly and Carson plots to detour their mission, Mike and a girl he likes named Amy wind up on the rocket ship along with Grandpa Frank, and the three of them end up in space. They become the one hope of the nation to prove that when it comes to moon landings, Carson’s claims are all wet. And this time, it’s not the Eagle but, “The Falcon has landed.”

The film features the theme of reconciliation. We present our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages 12-plus to “Capture the Flag.” The animation is terrific, the visuals wonderful, and you will feel as if you have journeyed to space.

Content Description

Sex: Boy and girl accidentally kiss and then later she blows him a kiss.
Language: OMG/MG-2; "For the love of G"-1; "For G's Sake"-1; Rat's A**-1; Smart A**-1; H-1; Freakin'-1; Losers-4; Fart-1; Old Fart-2; "Bite me"-1; Twerp-1; Bozo-1; Stupid Liar-1; Pumpkin Head-2; Chicken-2; Super Turkey-1; "You're worthless"-1; Fool-1; Butt-1; D-1 and another possible "D"; Geez-4; Pipsqueak-1; Ignoramus-1; Bonehead-1
Violence: An accident results in an inventor's death, and his boss tells another man, "Congratulations, you're being promoted!"; the sabotage of a rocket's fuel almost kills three, but they eject; a girl hits a robot she doesn't like with a rock on a couple of occasions.
Drugs: A man drinks something, and it's not clear what it is.
Nudity: Kids in shorts; dancing cowgirls on TV in shorts; girl in shorts.
Other: The ashes of a man's dad is in man's ring; a man lies about playing with a rocket; tension between a father and son; tension between a few characters; a man is a deceiver.


Company: Paramount Home Entertainment
Director: Enrique Gato
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 97 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter