DVD Release: October 25, 2016


Fenn the Troll hates the troll pastime of pranking and is teased so much for it that he runs away. But when a long-suffering park ranger starts capturing the other trolls, Fenn must rescue his family and friends — without pranking.

Dove Review

Trolls have been pulling pranks on humans for years, but none of the pranks are meant to do any great bodily harm to anyone. Every year, outside a human campsite, the trolls who live in the area have their annual “Prank-a-palooza.” The troll who pulls the best prank on the humans gets to be the king or queen of pranks. However, Fenn doesn’t like pranking and doesn’t want to be a part of the competition. He makes friends with Hayden, one of the boys at the camp.

Olaf, a worker at the camp, was a camper when he was young. Now, he wants to catch a troll to prove that trolls are real and that they pranked him years ago. Most importantly, he thinks that if he catches one of these trolls, he will become famous.

Hayden and Fenn want to stop all of the pranking and encourage humans and trolls to be friends. However, Fenn’s sister wants to be the troll queen and will do anything to pull off the greatest prank, even if she must lie to her brother and his new human friend. The prank is set, but when a change in plans puts the camp kids in danger, Hayden and Fenn must find a way to get Olaf to help them save the camp.

“Trolland” is a charming animated story, which teaches that sometimes traditions are wrong and trust is vital to a friendship. The most important lesson in this tale is that family and friends take care of each other. We award it the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: Son of a gun bag-a-boos; dagnabbit.
Violence: Pulling pranks on others; setting traps to capture trolls; man getting caught in his own trap; bullying kids; squirrel hitting man with acorns.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Man ripping his pants.
Other: Ripping up a boy's notebook; sister lying to her brother and her brother's friend.


Company: The Asylum
Director: Ron Thornton
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 75 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe