Before the Border

DVD Release: July 3, 2017
Before the Border


On the verge of graduation, hardworking Sam (Khadijjah Mote) is conned into a chase to the Canadian border. Her odyssey goes viral after her spoiled competitor Tarquin (Delon de Metz) offers up a bounty for her captured notebook. She must separate ally from adversary as she and her waggish accomplice (writer/director Tom Fox Davies) trek closer to their goal.

Dove Review

“Before the Border” is an innovative and imaginative story about two adversaries who bet each other they can cross the border of Canada by using means only available in the 1800s. One of the intriguing themes of the movie focuses on a woman’s determination and struggles to realize her dream of becoming a lawyer. A bounty is put out on Samantha, and she flees with all her might, disguising herself in order to make it across.

This delightful movie makes it clear: dreams can be realized if a person can hang in there! Beautiful small-town scenery accentuates this film, well depicted when showing Samantha getting across the border via boat and train. This inspiring movie has earned our Dove Seal recommended for ages 12-plus!

Content Description

Sex: kissing between a couple.
Language: shut up-1; pig-1; idiot-3; stupid-1; H-4; s*rew this-1.
Violence: It is implied that man punches another when the victim's feet are seen after he falls on the ground; a comment about slapping someone in the face; a man threatens a couple with a pitchfork; man is knocked down as couples escape; a man is shot by a tranquilizer gun and passes out; men with guns and dogs chase a man; man manhandles a woman; man punches out other man.
Drugs: A few scenes of drinking beer in a bar; the drinking of shots; the smoking of cigars in several scenes; the smoking of cigarettes.
Nudity: Girls in shorts; man seen in boxers; shirtless man.
Other: Gambling; a few characters have tattoos; tension between characters; man steals a car; on TV the legalization of gay "marriage" is mentioned.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Director: Tom Fox Davies
Producer: Mary A. Larson
Genre: Inspirational
Runtime: 91 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter