Mining for God

Mining for God


“Mining For God” is a search for ancient truth in a modern world. This provocative documentary brings to the surface the most significant ideas that have influenced the way we think about ourselves and God. “Mining For God” looks at the biggest obstacles facing Christianity in America today and then turns to some of America’s most prominent Christian thinkers to give answers and bring evidence in this surprisingly candid exploration of the truth. Whether you would consider yourself a Christian or not, there is something of value for everyone in this film.

Dove Review

In this candid exploration of truth, Brandon McGuire takes a measured approach to investigating the validity of the Christian claim about Jesus. He begins by looking at the evidence that scientific discovery and history have provided for an intelligent creator/designer versus theories about a random accidental Big Bang and evolution. He addresses common questions and beliefs about religion and morality by asking prominent Christian thinkers key questions such as: “What is Christianity, and what are some of the main philosophies that influence how people think about God and religion?” He considers whether this one religion is the only way to God and how it differs from a system of rules, control, and behavior modification. He also asks if there is evidence for God and how we can know this, and he questions the notion of absolute truth. Lastly, he explores the evidence for the resurrection and how credible it is.

This film addresses many of the main perspectives taken by a modern world and the current American culture such as relativism, pluralism, and naturalism, and uses intelligent reasoning and rhetorical expertise to dismantle each of them. McGuire does his project a service by focusing on one main issue, the resurrection of Christ, supporting the notion with evidence, and hinging a commitment to this powerful faith on that alone. With the Socratic Method employed here, one is forced to acknowledge that there is a cause to the universe, that the Christian claim is objective not subjective, and there is evidence to support it. It is a thought-provoking treatise, and I would recommend it as an effective apologetic tool.

We are proud to award this film the Dove Approval for All Ages.

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Company: Unknown
Director: Brandon McGuire
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 64 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Shelley K