We Are Stronger

DVD Release: May 13, 2017
We Are Stronger


We Are Stronger is a faith-based movie exploring a veteran’s battle with PTSD. As he struggles to recover from his injuries, reclaim his marriage, and fit back into the civilian world, he discovers he can’t do it alone.

Dove Review

We Are Stronger is a powerful movie, dramatically portraying something many in the military, including their families, deal with: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Based on some true stories, this film tells the story of Vic Raphael (strongly acted by Ulises Larramendi), who has been deployed and returned home dozens of times. But this last time is different. Vic witnessed the death of a good friend and this time he is changed–uncommunicative, silent. His wife Michelle (Angela Sweet) loves Vic but her patience has worn thin. An old high school sweetheart named Mark texts her and Michelle even texts back, allowing the communication as she doesn’t know how to deal with the loneliness.

Vic half-heartedly works at his physical therapy and applying his counselor’s strategies. But then two kids that live nearby, Carson and Mia, drop in on Vic. They are Christians, who talk to Vic about the Lord, reminding both Vic and Michelle of the past when they attended church. They go through some rough times, and when Vic has a close call after drinking heavily, they rally and look to the Lord, even attending church. This remarkable film shows what happens when people allow God to bind up their wounds and to heal their broken hearts. We are happy to award this movie our Faith-Friendly 12+ Seal, due to thematic elements of the war and marital arguments. This movie reveals hope in a powerful and compelling way and is inspiring to watch.

Content Description

Faith: A strong faith in the Lord is encouraged, and scriptures are quoted.
Integrity: A man tries to do the right thing; a married woman tells a single man that is pursuing her to leave her alone.
Sex: A man keeps texting a married woman and wants her to leave her husband.
Language: The word "freaking" is used about three times.
Violence: A soldier is seen dead, lying on the ground with a bloody neck; a man slaps away a remote in anger; husband and wife have a heated argument.
Drugs: A few scenes of smoking; a man drinks whiskey and passes out.
Nudity: None
Other: Strong tension between a few characters; a man suffers from painful memories of his friends, death and the military.


Company: Reflective Media Productions
Writer: Robin Murray
Director: Robin Murray
Producer: Carla McDougal
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 125 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Ed C