In Harms Way

Theatrical Release: April 6, 1965
DVD Release: May 22, 2001
In Harms Way


Acclaimed director Otto Preminger’s star-studded World War II epic focuses on the direct effect the Pearl Harbor attack had on military lives. After a failed counterstrike on the Japanese, Capt. Torrey (John Wayne) gets shore duty, finds love with a nurse (Patricia Neal), reconciles with his son and is finally sent back to sea. The troubled Cmdr. Eddington (Kirk Douglas) complicates matters as Torrey faces the most important battle of his career.

Dove Review

This movie has a good story and certainly good actors such as John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Patricia Neal and Burgess Meredith. The plot takes place during World War ll and focuses on the attack on Pearl Harbor and the lives it affects. John Wayne plays Captain Torrey, who while on shore duty falls in love with a nurse (Patricia Neal) and reconciles with his son before being sent back to sea.

Unfortunately, there is an implied sex outside of marriage relationship and therefore we are unable to award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this picture.

Content Description

Sex: Implied sex outside of marriage; married woman out dancing with another man; kissing.
Language: H-10; B-1; G-1; D-6; Sc*ew-1; Bloody-1
Violence: Man breaks arm; a truck strikes a car and bursts into flames; man on fire; a rape scene although not explicit; a man slaps another man three times; man's plane shot down; another man is shot; boat is rammed and boat catches on fire.
Drugs: Drinking and smoking in a few scenes; a woman gives a patient a shot.
Nudity: Shirtless man; woman seen wearing towel; cleavage.
Other: A woman takes pills and commits suicide.


Company: Paramount Home Entertainment
Writer: James Bassett (novel) Wendell Mayes (writer)
Director: Otto Preminger
Producer: Otto Preminger
Genre: Action
Runtime: 167 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter