Celebrating Wonder-Families

Hello Dove Family! Meet The Lynch’s – one of our first Dove Family Reviewers. LeighAnn and her
daughter Ellie were among the first to see the new release and here’s Ellie’s reaction (Ellie is 13 years old). Fly Your Wonder Today!

Ellie Lynch’s Review Of Wonder Woman!
“I really, really loved this movie. At both the beginning and the end, they basically shared the gospel without even realizing it. Wonder Woman, at the end, says that “All men have evil and love in them and everyone has a choice… But it isn’t about what you deserve, it’s above what you believe.” Plus, it was just pretty awesome. Wonder Woman was amazing. It also made me laugh many times (especially the secretary!). Although it did have some uncomfortable scenes (with sexual innuendo) and was very violent (as it was about war), I felt like the fact that the movie was so good and that it had such a good message outweighed the bad things in it. I would definitely recommend this movie to any teenager who is ok with lots of violence and some uncomfortable scenes. The movie was one of the best that I have ever seen.”