Dove’s Voice is Your Voice

Dear Friends of Dove,

These are crazy times in Hollywood, aren’t they? We are seeing a major shift underway. In my first season as the new leader at The Dove Foundation, this year has been a true baptism by fire. Being a woman and a mom in this position brings unique perspective and definitely holds fresh opportunity to create important impact through the voice of our Dove families. I am compelled to raise our voices as strong, loving, influential people with clear-standards. As a woman of faith, I also know that the next generation of families is different than those prior. Our family is made up of kids from ages 12 through 29 and we all love entertainment! Our older children intend to experience and discuss entertainment as intelligent, faithful adults; but they also want to make deliberate decisions as they engage with culture from their own faith perspectives. After all, it’s meant to be fun!

As Dove continues it’s mission, we want to keep raising positive voices. We want to be the megaphone for a concerned but fearless generation; of a tribe united by values, but also by love. We’re not afraid to lean into conversations that require conviction and understanding. And movies have always been lightning rods for all kinds of cultural discussion and debate. Dove wants to be the honest, collective voice of our viewers. Not narrow or in any way singular, we want the world to hear your voices as you discuss creative storytelling and how it impacts you.

We need your help to build this collective. The Dove Foundation, through Dove.Org has always been a trusted source for ratings and reviews – and of course the Dove Seal of Approval. To set a course for the kind of destination you want to call your own, we need to retool the space. We’re going to build an exciting, video-driven, user-generated, curated world of delightful entertainment and conversation around today’s great movies. A destination for all ages to engage and appreciate the perspective and the dialogue.

Please consider donating a few dollars today. We always encourage voting with our dollars, and we want to know you’re voting for something new and interesting. Perhaps donate the price of one movie ticket! Thank you for your generosity and your participation! We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit and all donations are tax deductible. Follow this link.

Very Truly Yours,

Suzy Sammons, CEO
The Dove Foundation

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