Dove’s Fall Friendship List

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Lovely Still

An elderly grocery-store bagger discovers love for the first time in this whimsical romance. Starring Martin Landau, Ellen Burstyn, Elizabeth Banks, and Adam Scott.

The Light of Freedom 

As the Civil War begins, William Hanby and his family helps escaped slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad in this inspirational film directed by Kim Robinson, with acting by Jade Metcalf, Briana Nicole Biffath, Maxwell Charles Dean, Evan Candler, Tony West, and Lexi Baumeyer.

The Identical

The story of twin brothers separated at birth in the Great Depression. With different upbringings, one brother becomes a music legend while the other struggles to find a balance between his passion for music and trying to please his father.

Raising Izzie 

Witness this touching story of two orphaned sisters and the caring teacher (Vanessa Williams) who changes their lives forever.


Luke Rogers used to be the ideal Christian. Now in his mid-twenties, he’s found himself far from the good Christian life he used to lead in this powerful story of redemption.

God’s Club

Following his wife’s death, public high-school teacher Michael Evens re-launches the Bible Club she originally founded. When upset parents cite the separation of church and state and want the group disbanded, a passionate dispute erupts and threatens to destroy their small Vermont community. With his job, personal relationships and even his faith on the line, Michael must make tough decisions about the things that matter most.