Dove’s “Frankly Faraci” Season Finale: Rapper Propaganda Opens Up on Faith, Family, Hip-Hop, and the End of Racism

Dove Channel’s new original series Frankly Faraci wrapped up its first season in a grand finale episode featuring legendary rapper and hip-hop artist Propaganda, a performer who has been outspoken about his faith. In his most in-depth interview to date, the celebrated recording artist deals directly with race, religion, family, and how the church in America should take the lead in healing the nation’s wounds and sharp divisions.

“Fearlessly taking on contentious, taboo issues in American culture has long been a hallmark of Propaganda’s music. A relentless crusader for justice, he has earned the respect of people on all sides, both in the faith community and outside, because he calls them as he sees them,” said journalist Matthew Faraci, host of Frankly Faraci. “In today’s contentious cultural climate, I wanted to sit down and ask him the about those issues, and give him an opportunity to share his heart and his family with his millions of fans. What ensued is mind-blowing, the kind of conversation Americans should really be having every day.”

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