By DeWayne Hamby

Lifemark, the newest film from Alex and Stephen Kendrick (War Room, Overcomer, Courageous), releases in theaters this week through Fathom Events. Based on a true story, the film marks the reunion of the brothers with Kirk Cameron, who starred in the very popular Fireproof in 2008.

Cameron was instrumental in bringing the story, of a young man turning 18 and reuniting with his biological parents, to the Kendricks. The actor had seen a documentary about a woman who changed her mind at the last minute, bypassing an abortion to give her unplanned baby to a Christian couple.

“We basically adopted this movie,” Alex Kendrick said. “We interviewed the real people that were involved, tried to mine the gold from what they said, what they experienced, the whole journey, in order to present a very needed message, a very inspirational message, packaged in an entertaining movie.”

Coincidentally, the new pro-life-focused film released in a year that saw the United States Supreme Court overturn the 1971 Roe V. Wade decision that legalized abortion. The issue is back in the public eye, with pro-life and pro-abortion advocates waging a political war. Film distributors who had previously “courted” the duo for earlier films passed on the project due to their fear of being pulled into the political discussion.

“They said they did not want this particular film, that they are nervous about taking aside on the abortion issue, and they turned this one down, multiple studios did,” Stephen said. “We said, ‘Okay, we feel like we’re supposed to make this film.’ So we asked the Lord for an open door and Fathom Events came to us and said, ‘We want this film. We’ll release it and put it in 1,500 theaters. And they did.”

More than entertainment, Alex believes the film could sway hearts and minds when it comes to adoption and upholding the sanctity of life. He encourages believers to rally behind the film and help it reach more hearts.

“Please use this film to not only to provide some family-friendly entertainment, where you will leave the theater better than when you walked in,” he said. “But also, use it as a way to inspire those that would consider adoption, to inspire those that are right now in an unwanted pregnancy and don’t know what to do, to encourage them to let love lead rather than fear.”

Lifemark releases this weekend through Fathom Events. To find a theater near you, visit