The Creation Series

DVD Release: January 17, 2011
The Creation Series


What do we find when we look beyond Earth’s atmosphere? Is there evidence that other planets in our solar system contain life?

In “The Heavens Declare”, Dr. John Hartnett, a physics professor at the University of Western Australia and co-author of the book “Dismantling the Big Bang”, explores how the other planets in our solar system are beautifully desolate compared to the abundance of life on Earth. There are many Christians who believe the literal interpretation of the Bible and its time line that ages the Earth to a little over 6000 years. Also it cannot be denied that new and powerful telescopes are photographing objects that are apparently billions of light-years away. Light that is seemingly billions of years old?

In “Heavens Declare: Beyond the Milky Way” join Dr.Hartnett as we explore these seemingly contradictory questions and find that the Heavens do indeed declare the glory of God! Does evidence really dictate that the sun is billions of years old?

The “Young Sun” is a Christian documentary that examines the known processes of our sun and the most popular theories about its origin as a star. Featuring Dr. Jason Lisle, a creationist astrophysicist at Answers in Genesis, Dr. Danny Faulkner, a professor of astronomy at the University of South Carolina, and Dr. Ron Samec, an astronomy and physics professor at Bob Jones University. With their help stunning space photography and informative animations, this creation-proving film explores in great detail the size, distance, structure, energy output, inner workings, and sheer uniqueness of the source of light and heat that God made on day four of creation.The Young Sun shows why it is impossible that any of the proposed evolutionary theories of star formation explain the origin of stars or our sun.

This is a box set of educational DVDs from Bridgestone Multimedia Group , These educational documentarys also discusses different motives for exploration and the data that helps to prove that the trail of life in our solar system begins and ends on Earth.The universe is vast almost beyond description. We look all around us, and in every direction we see millions (if not billions) of galaxies floating in space, seemingly frozen in time. Yet we do measure the tell tale signs of a past universal expansion.

Dove Review

This creation series is an awesome idea! The first program, “The Heavens Declare”, kicks off the series with visually stunning images. With scriptures boldly flashing on the screen, this documentary reveals the wonderful creations of the universe, and the fact that the heavens declare the glory of God. From John chapter one the film begins by reminding the viewer that all things were created by God, with the Son of God being involved. “All things were made by him” it declares.

Dr. John Hartnett hosts this documentary which takes a look at the creatures of earth such as the fox, bear, ram, and so forth but mainly focuses on the solar system. The film drives home the point that the planet Earth was meant to be inhabited, while the same is not true regarding other planets including the moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. The moon serves the function of tilting the earth on its axis, so that we enjoy the four seasons of life. God created the earth so that people could breathe its oxygen, drink from its water, and dwell here. This first program in the series is a fantastic documentary with wonderful graphics and illustrations.

In “Heavens Declare: Beyond the Milky Way” Dr. John Hartnett from the University of Western Australia does a magnificent job in revealing scientific secrets which compliment and do not contradict the Bible. He hosts this DVD which features stunning visuals and graphics as it focuses on the wonderful creator of it all. The DVD is nicely made all the way around, including the pleasant voice of narrator Dr. Rich Hobson.

The topics include a look at the solar system, satellites, stars and others and features scripture which focuses on God as creator. Ultimately, the program finished with Proverbs 3:5-6 which states that people need to trust in the Lord with all of their hearts and lean not unto their own understanding. This is an educationally and visually powerful DVD. After viewing this DVD, you might just declare that “The Heavens Declare” DVD is awesome!

In the third program, “The Young Sun” this fantastic DVD is hosted by three scientific brains who are amazed by God’s creation of the great blazing red ball known as the Sun. The DVD opens by mentioning the Genesis account of two great lights being created by God in the beginning, the greater light (the sun) to rule by day and the lesser light (the moon) to rule by night. It is stated that we can always count on one thing every morning, the sun will rise. The sun was created with the proper size and the right distance from Earth so that it can warm Earth’s atmosphere.

The scientists explore the corona of the sun, its mass, and gravitational pull, as well as looking at how plants harness the light of the sun. The Milky Way is also explored. The conclusion is that God is a great designer and is behind the awesome creations of the universe, including the sun. We gladly award this Creation series DVD set our Dove Seal for all ages. It is a delight and educational and could be used as a tool for a Creationism class.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: It is mentioned that some scientists approach their studies with evolution in mind; the talk of a Creator as opposed to the Big Bang theory; it is mentioned that some believe in the theory of evolution such as Carl Sagan but that the sun can't be as old as they claim and the fact this theory is not supported by evidence.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 180 min.
Starring: Dr. John G. Hartnett, Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. Danny Faulkner, Dr. Ron Samec
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter