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Mandie Triple Feature

Follow the unforgettable adventures of Amanda Elizabeth Shaw in this set of three DVDs that includes Mandie and the Secret Tunnel featuring Dean Jones, Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure with Hayley Mills, and Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas. Based on the popular book series by Lois Gladys Leppard, this series is set in the early 1900s and boasts a delightful cast of characters, who in the tradition of Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables, learn valuable lessons as they conquer hardships, solve mysteries, and celebrate life's triumphs.
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This is a triple triumph! It’s a DVD set featuring a trio of terrific movies and for the entire family to boot.

First up is “Mandie and the Secret Tunnel”. “Mandie and the Secret Tunnel” is an awesome adventure that takes Mandie in search of her family roots. Compelled by the story that her father told her from the time she was a small child, Mandie goes on an adventure and makes a discovery that ultimately reunites her with the family she never knew she had. This adventure takes her and her new friend Polly to secret passages, tunnels, grand looking rooms and hidden areas.

This movie has elements that will keep everyone in the family entertained. It’s filled with adventure, mystery, comedy, and romance and everyone that watches will want to find out the “secrets.” It is a fantastic movie that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Next is “Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure” and it begins where the first movie left off. Now Mandie has met her real mother and is unsure how to address her. But a new adventure is about to begin that will draw the two closer than anyone every thought possible as the two work together to track down the new clues for this treasure and keep Uncle John safe.

The story is as charming as the first Mandie adventure with all the mystery as in the first story.The adventure is intriguing and a wholesome film for the entire family.

The charming and lovable Mandie is back with cute a story about her Christmas at the girls’ boarding school in “Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas”. As always she finds a mystery to solve, a person to help and along the way has to find a way to get as well as remember manners and etiquettes. It is another wonderful adventure with Mandie and her friends at the school.

This story is one that portrays the goodness of helping others, and not giving up hope and faith. Sometimes when Mandie tries to help, she finds herself in trouble for not following the rules and asking God to help her. When she asks her Uncle Ned why her prayer is not answered he gives her some advice that is helpful to all of us. Ned tells her that sometimes when we ask God for an answer to our problem and don’t get one right away, maybe it is because He wants us to figure it out for ourselves.

This is a wonderful DVD set that the entire family will enjoy. This is wholesome entertainment for everyone. With pride, we award this film the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages.

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Soldiers chasing Cherokee Indians; woman hits man in head; woman slaps man; Mandie and friends disconnect caboose from train; woman shoots at boy; couple argue; the bad guys point gun at others.


A young couple hugs; a couple kisses; a young man kisses a young lady's hand.


"Good Lord" used in reverence; "What in heaven's blue blazes happened to you?"


Soldiers chasing Cherokee Indians; woman hits man in head; woman slaps man; Mandie and friends disconnect caboose from train; woman shoots at boy; couple argue; the bad guys point gun at others.


Poisonous gas in mine.


Woman tears dress to show petticoats; young girl shown in tub.


A woman steals items; comments about how Indians were treated, Mother treating daughter different; being prejudiced against the Cherokee people; an issue about keeping a heritage a secret.

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