God Rock (Manuscript)



David Wheaton is a member of the Church band and choir in a tight knit Florida community. Eddie Starapov is an abused and neglected a street wise kid from 900 miles away. It’s 1982 and the two have a chance encounter late at night when Eddie finds himself in trouble and David is there to help him. This screenplay weaves the story of the parable of the Importunate Neighbor within the fibers of a background story about a paradigm shift that occurred in Christian Music during that same time. David and his family teach Eddie to walk with God and Eddie helps to heal his wounded heart through his music.

Dove Review

This is a terrific story with interesting characters. It is about a young man named Eddie who loves his grandmother Barb, and she loves him, but his father, Joe, is hard on him, especially when he drinks which is often. Eddie’s mom smokes a lot and is not with it either. Eddie sells drugs, particularly marijuana, but his life changes dramatically when he meets a young man named David and his Christian parents after Eddie moves to Florida with his grandmother. Eddie writes a song about the Garden of Eden and longs to perform Christian rock. He and his band members plan to do a song at an upcoming church event and they hope their tight clothing and rock music won’t turn off the believers.

This manuscript shows potential character growth in a completed movie with Eddie’s character. It also features a topic that was more controversial in the time period of this story takes place, in the 80s, although there are still those who question the value of Christian rock. This story will undoubtedly place the reader in a position to decide what he or she believes. It features a group in the script who are more conservative than the band members who talk of removing their shirts and wear tight clothing, but focusing on lyrics about the Lord. We are pleased to award this manuscript our Dove Seal for ages twelve plus.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: OMG-2; Old Bat-1; Skinny Runt-1
Violence: Young man's collar grabbed; a fist fight and blood on character's face; father bloodies son's mouth; thrown book hits character in back of head.
Drugs: Young man sells marijuana a few times but is converted; a mention of getting "party favors"; smoking; cigarettes seen in home; a couple of characters drink and become drunk.
Nudity: None
Other: A character steals a bike; a record burning of rock albums; the controversy of Christian rock music; band members plan to wear tight clothes and talk of removing their shirts.


Company: Tammy Bennett
Genre: None
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter