Lee Daniels The Butler

Theatrical Release: August 16, 2013
Lee Daniels The Butler


The film will revolve around the true story of an African-American butler who served at the White House. The film is based off the story “A Butler Well Served By This Election,” written by Will Haygood. The story revolved around Eugene Allen, who was a Presidential butler from 1952 to 1986, and is paralleled with the election of Barack Obama.

Dove Review

Here is a dramatic film that shows many aspects of this country through some difficult times as it brings to life the reality of one mans journey for many years starting in 1926. The Butler starts with a young man in the cotton fields down south during some hard racial times. Confronted with the attack of his mother and death of his father, Cecil is taken into the house as a “house servant”. But as he grows, he knows that he needs to leave this life and go north. He is taught to be a butler in a hotel in Washington DC and that gives him the chance to be part of the White House staff which gives him access to many Presidents over the years. He has a front row seat to the political changes that this country experiences in 30+ years and also the problems within his own family due to the racial changes this world takes.

It is an emotional film that shows the tension that this country has gone through in the racial divide and the injustices in how others were treated in the years. This movie shows hard times and sad times along with some funny moments. But in the end it is a historical themed movie about Cecil’s life.

Although this is a very sensitive film filled with many familiar stars, due to the language content and other issues we can not approve this movie for family viewing.

Content Description

Sex: Woman is taken to a shed and raped off screen, couple kiss, married couple seen in bed together, man making sexual advances towards married woman, an affair is implied but not factual
Language: Many uses of the "N word", GD-4; JC-2; F-1; H-2; D-4; SOB-3
Violence: Man shot in head, woman raped of-screen; men that were hung shown twice; people being beaten in the street, people being spit on, hot coffee poured in young man's face, name calling, bus set on fire, man breaks a window; news story regarding the President being shot; President's wife in a dress with blood on it; many graphic scenes of violence, young man killed in Vietnam
Drugs: Smoking; drinking of alcohol, woman tells of being passed out from drinking;
Nudity: Picture of naked woman on wall; cleavage, man shown on the toilet
Other: Racial discrimination shown in many ways;


Company: The Weinstein Company LLC
Writer: Danny Strong & Wil Haygood
Director: Lee Daniels
Producer: Cassian Elwes
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 132 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe