Theatrical Release: August 16, 2013


In this high-stakes thriller, Adam Cassidy is a regular guy trying to get ahead in his entry-level job at Wyatt Corporation. But after one costly mistake, Adam’s ruthless CEO, Nicholas Wyatt, forces him to spy on corporate rival, Jock Goddard, Wyatt’s old mentor. Adam soon finds himself occupying the corner office and living the life of his dreams. However, behind the scenes, he is simply a pawn in Wyatt’s corporate game and realizes he must ultimately find a way out from under his boss who will stop at nothing, even murder, to win a multi-billion dollar advantage.

Dove Review

This movie shows how much technology plays a part in today’s society. Adam Cassidy (Liam Hemsworth) works for a major mobile company but is tired of the lack of promotion. He goes before the CEO, Nicholas Wyatt (Gary Oldman), with an idea which Wyatt insults. Later Wyatt blackmails Cassidy, knowing he has a talent for achieving certain goals, and has him spy on big-time rival Jock Goddard (Harrison Ford), a former fellow employee and now sworn enemy. Things get complicated when one of Goddard’s employees, a woman named Emma (Amber Heard), is a girl Cassidy recently met and likes yet he needs vital technological information from her.

Despite good performances from all the principal actors, Hemsworth and Ford and Oldman, as well as showing how advanced technology is in allowing people to download important information and spy on each other, the film contains strong language and hits a three in our sex content listing as well so therefore cannot receive our Dove Seal for family friendly viewing.

Content Description

Sex: An unmarried couple has sex a few times; kissing; talk about having sex; a man looks at a woman's rear; a comment about "getting lucky" and a sexual comment about having sex.
Language: GD-1; J-1; A-3; H-3; D-1; S-6; F-1; P-1; Ba*tard-1; Frickin-1
Violence: A man is hit by a car but survives; photo of man who was killed with some blood shown; punches and fights; guns held on man; man tackled to ground.
Drugs: Several drinking scenes including wine and champagne; people taking shots of alcohol; smoking of cigars.
Nudity: Shirtless man; man seen in towel; a woman's bare back seen; cleavage.
Other: Betrayal and blackmail in several scenes; tension between a few characters.


Company: Relativity Media
Writer: Jason Dean Hall & Barry Levy
Director: Robert Luketic
Genre: Drama
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter