Closed Circuit

Theatrical Release: August 28, 2013
Closed Circuit


In the international suspense thriller CLOSED CIRCUIT, a high-profile terrorism case unexpectedly binds together two ex-lovers (Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall) on the defense team – testing the limits of their loyalties and placing their lives in jeopardy.

One morning, a busy London market is decimated by an explosion. In the manhunt that follows, only one member of the suspected terrorist cell survives: Farroukh Erdogan (Denis Moschitto), who is arrested and jailed. Preparations begin for what promises to be the trial of the century.

But there’s a hitch: the government will use classified evidence to prosecute Erdogan, evidence so secret that neither he nor his lawyers can be allowed to see it. Hence the need for the Attorney General (Academy Award winner Jim Broadbent) to appoint a Special Advocate, an additional government-approved defense lawyer (Claudia Simmons-Howe, played by Golden Globe Award nominee Rebecca Hall), one who has clearance to see classified evidence and who can argue for its full disclosure when the trial moves to “closed” session. The rules for the Special Advocate are clear: once the secret evidence is shared with her, Claudia will not be allowed to communicate even with the defendant or with other members of the defense team.

But just as the case is on the eve of going to trial, Erdogan’s lawyer dies suddenly, and a new defense attorney, Martin Rose (Eric Bana), quickly steps in. Martin is tenacious, driven, brilliant – and an ex-lover of Claudia’s. The two lawyers make an uncomfortable pact to keep their former affair hidden. But as Martin begins to piece the case together, the outlines of a sinister conspiracy emerge, one that will draw him and Claudia dangerously close again.

Dove Review

Slow and steady is the phrase I would use to describe this cerebral thriller. When two members of a suspected terrorist’s defense team realize that the evidence against their client is contrived, they work together, against instructions, to find out what really happened. There is very little action and the twists in the film are fairly predictable. While the actors put in good performances, they were not given much to work with in the way of a script. Unfortunately, due to excessive language, we are not able to consider this a family film.

Content Description

Sex: Man admits to having an affair with a woman but there were consequences; Man/woman kiss passionately
Language: F-10; J-1; B-1; "Queer"-1; Slang for male genitalia
Violence: Truck explodes - not graphic; Car crash resulting in mild injury; Woman choked; Man/woman/boy chased; Man hanged
Drugs: Drinking of wine and beer several times but not to drunkenness; Man receives small bottle of liquor as a gift; Cigarette smoking; Cigar; Man vomits from Heroin use; Man takes pain medication
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Focus Features
Director: John Crowley
Producer: Tim Bevan
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 96 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Scott Rolfe