The Have-and-Have-Nots (Manuscript)



Two sixth graders reunite in law school to pursue the truth of their friendship and the GOOD NEWS of why they want to know, understand and study THE LAW.

Dove Review

This story deals with human weaknesses, such as a pastor and a church suing a member, trying to cover up a principal’s affair and it’s said a pastor and principal bullied a mother. It features the story of a mother losing her position at the school. It also deals with themes of determination to overcome and to make up for past wrongs. The story is basically about a church that sues one of its members and a young woman named Maddy Parks and her determination to make things right. The story features Luke, Maddy’s brother, as well as several other characters.

The story shows what gossip and lies can do and that they cause pain. It is sad that a pastor and principal in the story, two positions of leadership, lied about a situation. Still, the story speaks of justice and also has a twist ending to it. There are several comments about sex in the manuscript which are not overly graphic or gratuitous. But if this were to be made into a film we would be concerned about how far the film would go in showing some of the things mentioned. As the manuscript currently stands, we are able to award it our Dove Seal for ages twelve and above.

Content Description

Sex: In one scene a girl described as a "hottie" has a group of guys filled with "lust" looking at her; a girl teases her brother about the year he "lost his innocence"; a boy is teased about having sex with a girl while on vacation; a comment about a girl kissing a boy behind the garage; the comment about a parent wrongfully touching a student; college girl talks about guys trying things with her; girl says she was given something in a drink and someone had his way with her through forced sex; woman mentions gossip about her son's sex life and her daughter getting lessons about sex; the comment about a principal having an affair; it's said a woman's daughter works at a topless bar.
Language: The word "doofus" or "doofuses" is used a lot; It's said a character or two used "potty mouth" talk; Crap-1; Sap-1; Dunkouff-1
Violence: It's stated a student was tapped on the arm pretty hard by an adult.
Drugs: The mention of a beer can; wine bottle; cocktail.
Nudity: Cleavage is flaunted a bit by a "sassy" character; a character is described as having tight clothes which are revealing.
Other: The theme of death and grief; woman not allowed to be confirmed at a church due to issues the leader had with her; a church sues a church member; it's said a principal and pastor lied.


Company: Team Mandamus
Writer: Jody White
Genre: None
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter