Stand Your Ground

DVD Release: January 14, 2014
Stand Your Ground


When Jackie Carpenter’s son, Jason, is accused of murder she fights against the odds to free him; but when the prosecution seeks a life sentence, both Jackie’s and Jason’s world spins into turmoil sending them on parallel journeys of wavering faith and tentative hope. “Stand Your Ground” is the true story of tragedy, trust and triumph and of a cry for justice.

Dove Review

This movie is well made and suspenseful. It features a great story based on actual events. The acting is excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and at the end was waiting with great anticipation to learn whether the character named Jason Veitch was found innocent or guilty. The movie is based on a book by Jackie Carpenter, played superbly in the movie by Francine Locke. Her son, Jason, also played superbly by Drew Matthews, is accused of killing a man when a gun goes off following a man and two friends trying to rob him. They had been robbing copper from the place he was working and when he couldn’t get the law to help he took an officer’s advice to watch for the thieves himself. There had been 17 previous robberies! When he catches them in a truck on his property and has the three lie down on the ground while he attempts to call for police help, one of them makes a move for him and the gun goes off.

Jason’s mom is told to “live in the Psalms” and this is what she does during the trial, a trial that could see Jason exonerated or sent to prison for thirty years. She is given advice not to bring her Bible to the trial but she ignores the advice and packs it with her. Her Christian friends stand with her in prayer and in attending the trial. The title of the film, “Stand Your Ground”, comes from a law that says people have a right to defend their own property and to stand their ground. Jason speaks on his own behalf with the determination to “just tell the truth.” When it is learned the verdict will be rendered the following day, Jason’s son asks if his dad will be picking him up after school. “Maybe” the boy’s mom replies. The climax of the film will have the viewer holding his/her breath as the verdict is about to be read. Although this movie isn’t intended for the very young, the content is relatively mild. We are pleased to award this stirring and fantastic production five Doves, our best rating!

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: A man is accidentally shot but it is not graphic.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Shirtless man.
Other: Man seen with tattoos; a police officer is guilty of telling lies; tension between a husband and wife over her son's trial; the tensions of facing a serious trial for a family.


Company: Gift Box Productions, LLC
Producer: Karl Horstmann
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 107 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter