Change the Heart Change the World

DVD Release: September 30, 2012
Change the Heart Change the World


In what could be either a movie or
documentary, “Change the Heart Change
the World” brings to the forefront the longstanding
issues of the Middle East and gives
a history of what has been called “the three
great monotheistic religions of the world”,
namely Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
The film focuses on the testimonies of
expert interviewees on all sides of the issue,
the opinions of the man-on-the-street,
historical footage, and ultimately the
conclusion that Christ holds the only hope
for lasting peace.

Dove Review

This is a fascinating DVD and it is as current as today’s newspaper. It deals with the problems of the Middle East and focuses on the three religions of the area, namely the Jewish faith, Christianity, and Islam. Various people comment on Israel’s history and the problems of the Middle East in its people getting along. World War 1 and the 1967 Six Day War are closely examined as well and how it pertained to the Middle East and the Jew. The DVD features three former believers of Islam who now follow Christ and they mention that radical Islamic practices in violence have taken a toll on the efforts for peace. One person mentions that he has seen Jews and Arabs get along and that is when they are both Christians.

Rabbi Ken Spiro, the author of “Crash Course in Jewish History” says it is a scary time to live in Israel. And Rev. Dr. Petra Heldt talks about the internal problems such as terrorism, suicide murderers and the fact that there are many obstructions to peace. David Rawlings, an Israeli Journalist, mentions that the Jews, Christians, and Muslims oftentimes live in close proximity to one another. One Muslim declares that the radical form of Islam is not what his belief is about and that no person–Jew or Christian or Islamic–is innocent if murdering someone.

This remarkable DVD features the history of the Bible and focuses on Abraham, King David and King Solomon, Solomon’s Temple, and Jeremiah. One nice scene features Rabbi Goldsmith talking about how he longed to return to Israel, it was his dream as a child, and how it finally happened. Ultimately the DVD focuses on Jesus Christ as the messiah and the Middle East’s only real hope. We are pleased to award this DVD our Family Approved Seal for all ages. It includes a few archive scenes with people throwing stones at a tank and some fires and although the subject matter isn’t intended for the young child, the DVD is very informative and we think children can be educated by it as well as adults. In fact, it is a terrific teaching tool. This DVD earns five Doves from us. Pass it on and let others know what is happening in Israel and the hope that Israel holds onto.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: A few archive scenes are shown of people throwing stones at a tank; fires and some explosions; it's mentioned a three year old child was murdered; a few comments about terrorism and suicide missions.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Muslims, Christians and Jews all give their point of view of the Middle East problems; radical Islam is mentioned several times.


Company: Paraclete Television Productions
Writer: Sally Brown; David Priest; Ben Kimbell; Stephen Parolini
Director: David Priest
Producer: Dr Marsha Scudder Rano
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 120 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Narrated by: David Rawlings
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter