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Right to Believe

Tony Morris (Christopher Hunt) is a local newspaper reporter who is demoted to writing for his paper’s community section after his credibility is falsely called into question. Little does Tony know that his first assignment in his new role presents the biggest challenge of his young career. With his job on the line, Tony is assigned to cover the town’s first Gay Pride Day and interview parade organizer Markus Fry (Timothy Paul Taylor).

Challenged to an open debate on the biblical principles of homosexuality, Tony must choose between relying on his Christian values and moral convictions or taking the easy way out and just writing the story. Will Tony’s entire reporting career come crashing down if he dares to stand up for what he believes?

Directed by Chip Rossetti and co-starring Jenn Gotzon and Donald James Parker, Right to Believe is an inspiring drama about the tough decisions we are forced to make when our duty comes into conflict with our faith.
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This movie focuses on a controversial topic, homosexuality. It handles it with love, kindness and compassion yet tackles it head on with its beliefs rooted firmly in God’s word. A reporter named Tony Morris (Christopher Hunt) is assigned to cover the town’s first Gay Pride Day after he loses the story he was working on due to his editor’s decision. Tony wants to handle it delicately but his wife challenges him to pray about it and to see what God would have him do as he will be interviewing the event’s organizer Markus Fry (Timothy Paul Taylor). Tony and Markus decide to debate and present their individual views while remaining as calm as possible. Tony, a Christian, decides to present his belief in the Christian right to disagree with popular views but to do so while remaining kind and caring. Markus has a hard time dealing with this and the viewer also learns some interesting things about Markus and his background.

Tony soon has an unexpected opportunity to show his Christian compassion and he also gets to touch a life that he never would have thought of. The theme is about following God’s word and speaking the truth in love. One interesting comment is that Christians need to come out of the closet to present their viewpoints. This DVD would be a good tool in presenting God’s love to those who are open to it. We proudly award our Dove “Faith Friendly” Seal for ages twelve plus to this DVD. For those who appreciate the right to believe and teach one’s beliefs, this DVD is for you.

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A man uses a gun.


A debate on homosexuality as a normal lifestyle with several scriptures being quoted; a man admits he had been molested by a man from his church; a comment about the difference between love and lust; a comment about a film called "Future Shock" which is about two men who are "married".


G-1; Butt-1; H (as a place)-4;


A man uses a gun.


Cigarette smoking in one scene.


Breasts seen on statue.


Tension between a few characters.

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