Angels in Stardust

Theatrical Release: February 21, 2014
Angels in Stardust


Limited Theatrical Release – ANGELS IN STARDUST, is the story of VALLIE SUE, a 15 year-old girl with an imagination as restless and expansive as the western horizon into which she longs to disappear. She lives in an Oklahoma community of pre-fab homes built on a long abandoned drive-in movie lot called ‘Tardust. Surrounded by an odd collection of characters, including a neglectful mother, mysterious Indian and an imaginary (or is he?) cowboy friend, Vallie Sue’s search for her identity and place in this strange corner of the universe is kicked into overdrive when she runs afoul of some local bad guys.

Dove Review

This movie is about a teen girl that lives in a trailer park and she must cope with having no father, a mother that sleeps around, and the girl raising her younger brother more than the mother does.

AJ Michalka plays Vallie Sue, the fifteen year old girl, and her one hope is being a writer and she has a caring teacher that wants to help her. Vallie Sue has a vivid imagination and talks to an imaginary cowboy, her only real friend.

Despite some good moments, the movie is loaded with content issues including strong language, several sex scenes and innuendos; and a lot of drinking scenes including underage drinking. Due to these reasons we are unable to award it our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

Content Description

Sex: Kissing between a few couples; making out with girl in bras and panties and girl does so with married man; the word "horny" is used; seductive dancing; girl shows off her clothed rear; a mother has sex with her boyfriend with kids in next room hearing her laugh; the word screw used in a sexual way; woman grabs man's rear; guys try to rape girl but are stopped.
Language: GD-1; G/OMG-2; D-11; H-5; Jeez-4; Mother called her own child "deaf and dumb"; Jerk is used several times in name calling; Slang for female genitalia-1; P-2; Retards-1; Morons-2; Idiot-1; Smarta*s-1; SOB-2; Slut-2; Screw you-1; I hate you-1; Shut up-2; Swine-1
Violence: A daughter is slapped across face and she takes mother down; man throws woman out of camper; man handles her more than once; guys try to run down girl in car; dead cat in road was run over; men fight.
Drugs: Several scenes of cigarette smoking; drinking in several scenes including underage drinking; minister preaches but with alcohol bottle in his pocket.
Nudity: Bare midriff in several scenes; woman in bathtub but only bare leg seen; short dress; short shorts; cleavage in several scenes; shirtless man
Other: Tattoo on character.


Company: High Motor Productions
Producer: Scott Dolezal
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 100 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter