Born Again Dogs: Christmas Song (Manuscript)

Born Again Dogs: Christmas Song (Manuscript)


One day in heaven, God was thinking that things were getting a bit too easy for a couple of his angels that had a habit of slacking off. It’s not that they were so lazy really, but because there was so little to do in heaven.

Why is that you may ask?

Because everything in heaven is … perfect.

So he decided to send these two angels back down to Earth disguised as stray dogs to do the good work of helping humans and that was the creation of BORN AGAIN DOGS

Dove Review

This manuscript has a lot of potential. The dogs are cute and often funny and Jake is a realistic character who undergoes a dramatic change and due to the Lord Jesus, not due to himself. The fact he is concerned about getting the $30 to help free the dog that is scheduled to be put to sleep shows he has a heart when the pastor gives him an opportunity to help the church as a plumber in an emergency situation. I like the fact the pastor is written as a good man, a Good Samaritan, if you will.

The idea of angels turning into dogs is a bit different but then you see how it fits in as the story progresses. I also think that including the song “Oh Holy Night” is a great idea. And the fact that Barbara-Ann sees Jake differently when he is cleaned up symbolically shows what a major change God can make in people’s lives. As it stands, the “For God’s Sake” comment on page 62 is a no-no! And the “OMG” comments, though not many, should be removed. Also, I think the line the “devil is in charge down here” should be re-phrased to something like, “The devil often has his way down here” or something like that. We also recommend that Barbara-Ann thinking the pastor eyes her and that he might be “naughty”, even though this is in her mind, should be removed. At least the he might be “naughty” part. There are humorous moments in the script and it has potential. If the above recommendations are followed, we can award the manuscript our “Family-Approved Seal for all ages. The line that says, “In the end good always wins” is a nice sentiment.

Content Description

Sex: Woman thinks pastor eye balls her and that he could possibly be "naughty"; man kisses woman on cheek.
Language: OMG-3; For God's Sake-1; Devil Cat-1; H (as a place)-1; Woman calls homeless man a "stinky man"; a comment about Gabriel blowing that "stupid horn"; People are referred to as "riff raff" a few times; Filthy Beast-1; Stupid Thing-1
Violence: Woman kicks pebble at dog.
Drugs: Homeless man with a bottle; a Dark Angel drinks and offers it to Jake who takes a sip and spits it out;
Nudity: None
Other: It's said the devil is in charge down here; some scenes where ladies gossip; tension between a few characters; the chance that dogs without licenses might be put down.


Company: Cinevoyage
Writer: Willi Vision
Producer: Steve Hill, Jamie R Thompson, Willi Vision, and Michael Harpster
Genre: None
Runtime: 97 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter