Lost Faces of the Bible (Episodes 1-4)

DVD Release: December 17, 2013
Lost Faces of the Bible (Episodes 1-4)


“Lost Faces of the Bible” is a four-part documentary series that blends myth-busting archaeology with dramatic recreations and forensic investigation. Having been granted unprecedented access to four ancient skulls from the Holy Land, each episode seeks to accurately reconstruct a “biblical” face. Travelling across the globe, archaeologists and scholars separate fact from myth, while a team of forensic anthropologists and artist put flesh on bone, using both traditional and stat-of-the-art methods of facial reconstruction.

Dove Review

This is a fascinating documentary series! It features four episodes and deals with the reconstruction of the face of a woman during the time of Samson and Delilah in the feature “Delilah Revealed”, “Sacrificial Child” which contains the skull of an infant who, because of some evidence buried with the skull, might have been sacrificed to a heathen god. And, in episode three, titled, “Ancient Warrior”, we learn of a male approximately forty five years old, who was buried with a flint weapon, and finally, in episode four, “The Man Who Saw Jesus”, we learn of a man whose bones were found near Galilee and was likely a contemporary of Jesus when he walked the earth.

The work of the people involved in this recreating of the faces of these people, based on their skulls, is fascinating as drawings, 3D renderings, even hair and beards in some cases are added to the creations to give us a good idea of what the faces looked like, all based on the construction of the remains of the skulls. Biblical experts too, including a Rabbi, give information on customs of the times and recreations of Biblical stories, such as Samson and Delilah, and Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob and Esau, are staged during the documentary.

We think this educational, informative, and remarkable documentary will keep viewers glued to their TV sets. The anticipation of seeing the faces after all the drawings and computer reconstructions are complete will hold the viewer’s interest. We are most pleased to award this DVD documentary five Doves, our best rating, and our “Family Approved” Seal for ages twelve plus, due to the sophisticated themes including the mention of child sacrifices. Parents should consult our content listing and some parents will be fine with their kids under age twelve viewing the documentary. The content listing will help parents make informed choices. This DVD is an intriguing watch!

Content Description

Sex: It's mentioned Samson had an interest in the Philistine woman, Delilah, which God forbid, and he touches her arm in a recreation of the Biblical story.
Language: None
Violence: The mention of ancient child sacrifices, offered up to a heathen god; some children were buried under Jewish houses; bones are seen and some were placed in jars; a man about to plunge a knife into his son as a test of his faith is stopped by an angel of the Lord in a recreation scene from the Bible; several skulls are seen.
Drugs: The drinking of wine and wine is spotted in a few scenes.
Nudity: Shirtless men; exposed breasts are seen in a few paintings; woman's bare back is seen; at a beach a woman in swimwear is seen as are shirtless men.
Other: Bones and skulls are seen; sophisticated themes of forbidden romance and deceit, as well as child sacrifices.


Company: Associated Producers LTD
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 192 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Hosted by David Berman
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter