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Like a Country Song

Limited Theatrical Release - Risen Media and Inspired Family Entertainment present a story about JAKE REESON, an up and coming country singer, has the whole world in his hands until his ego throws it all away.

With nothing but partying and music on his mind, Jake is forced to take a hard look at himself and the ashes around him after his life slowly falls apart.

Good girl, BECCA, becomes Jake's next conquest after seeing her AGAIN at a local music show. Becca, too wise to give into Jake’s advances, makes him work for it.

His mother, MIA, harbors a painful secret… the father Jake thought to be dead is alive. To protect Jake from the pain of knowing what his father, STAN, had become after a horrible accident, Mia thought it best if Jake believed Stan was dead.

Jake eventually has a “random” encounter with Stan on the street in a Nashville suburb that sets off a chain of events to bring Stan back into his life and hopefully reconciliation to the family. “Like a Country Song” is a story about Humility and Forgiveness in the presence of Pain and Burden.
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Dove Review

Pain is temporary when you follow God! This movie clearly illustrates the realities of life but also the hope one has in following God. Jake Reeson (Joel Smallbone) hits the bottle often as he deals with the hurt of being raised alone by his mother after his father abandoned them. The father, Bo (Billy Ray Cyrus), left after he was accidentally involved in a tragic automobile accident involving his five year old daughter, and Jake’s sister, Lily. Bo is dealing with his own pain, believing he did the right thing to leave Jake and Jake’s mother Mia, understanding that he was verbally abusing them and drinking to escape the pain of a family tragedy.

Becca, Jake’s old girlfriend, comes back into his life but she is changed as she now is a Christian. She wants to help Jake but old ways don’t always die easy and Jake continues to drink and to push away those who want to be there for him. It’s when he hits rock bottom that he finally realizes he needed to be looking up all along. This movie is a powerful film about life’s pain, forgiveness, and second chances. We are more than pleased to award it our Family Approved Seal for ages twelve and above. The movie, directed by Johnny Remo, features some strong performances by the actors including Joel Smallbone as Jake and Billy Ray Cyrus as Bo. The scene between them at the end is moving. For anyone who has ever needed a second chance, this movie is for you. The movie title is based on a song about life being like a country song but this one shows that the negative can be turned around to the positive. You just might enjoy the music too! This could be a powerful church evangelistic tool for older kids and adults.

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Fighting including a man being punched; a man is beat up and hit several times and left with blood and bruises on his face; a man grabs his father in anger and shoves him; a woman is grabbed but is okay.


It's stated that a woman had slept with a man in the past but she states she is forgiven now and saved and another woman states she did the same thing and it was a big mistake; a "He's hot" comment; man kisses woman on cheek.


D-1; Butt-1; "God forsaken town" comment.


Fighting including a man being punched; a man is beat up and hit several times and left with blood and bruises on his face; a man grabs his father in anger and shoves him; a woman is grabbed but is okay.


A lot of drinking and bar scenes but this is used to show the contrast between a man's former and changed life; man drinks from flask; a woman says she used to abuse drugs but she is saved now; man says he once abused drugs; a few comments about drinking.


Mild cleavage.


Tension between characters; tattoos seen on characters; death and grief; woman lied and told son his dad was in heaven when he actually was still alive; a man questions the existence of God but he changes.

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