Always With You

DVD Release: May 6, 2014
Always With You


A story about a young woman hit with a tragedy that will shake her faith. After her father is violently killed she searches to hear from God and blames her uncle for her father’s death. The story deals with the age old question, “Where was God when I needed Him most?”

Dove Review

In the world today there are many people that sometimes questioned God’s action and want to have God directly answer their question “why?” Izzy has turned her back on her friends, her uncle, her church and God when she lost her father in a shooting. She does not get the answer from God she thinks she needs. She wanders for months without a clear path of faith until one day her best friend helps her find the way.

This is a wonderful story about forgiveness, faith, and the truth. Many people can relate to this tale. There are times especial with a family loss like in Izzy’s case, that we tend to take a deep look at our faith and beliefs but with prayer, the forgiveness of others and soul searching, the answers are shown to us by God above.

The Dove Foundation awards this movie with our Family Approved 12+ Seal.

Content Description

Sex: Man takes girl to his bedroom; Young man wants to take avantage of young woman but is stopped
Language: God and Jesus used in reverance; Hell as a place;
Violence: Man is shot and dies; men robbing a house; discussion regarding stealing cars; man points gun at pastor in church office;
Drugs: Many scenes of man drinking and smoking cigerettes; man drinking in a cemetary; drinking at a party;
Nudity: none
Other: Being mad at God for father's death; Song lyrics talks of being in jail; Young woman is rude to long time friend and uncle; Woman lies to friend; scene of man dying;


Company: Parakletos Films
Director: David Rocha
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 103 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe