Bible Quiz

DVD Release: June 10, 2014
Bible Quiz


Bible Quiz follows seventeen-year-old Mikayla Irle as she memorizes thousands of Bible verses in her quest to win the National Bible Quiz Championship and the heart of JP, her quiz team captain. This John Hughes-esque documentary explores coming of age in the midst of faith, doubt, fierce competition and teen love.

Dove Review

“Bible Quiz” is a remarkable film! It shows how hard the various contestants study and it primarily focuses on JP, the Tacoma, Washington team captain and Mikayla, a teen girl who supports him and even has a crush on him.

The various contestants constantly study and their struggles are featured too, including JP’s desire to be number one and Mikayla’s disappointment in her mother’s constant absence in her life, due to her alcoholism. The highs and lows of the various quizzers are seen in this interesting documentary and so is their commitment to the Lord.

Rich Nelson, the coach of Life Center, states that the students are his trophies. And Dr. Rachel Dawson, the assistant, mentions she enjoys equipping them with God’s word. Due to a few comments about sex and “making out”, and a few scenes focusing on sexuality, we are awarding our Family Approved Seal for ages twelve plus to the movie. “Bible Quiz” will inspire you! The hard work of these young adults and what they go on to do in their lives is truly wonderful. This one has earned five Doves, our highest rating.

Content Description

Sex: A girl comments that what people do such as making out in a corner or whatever isn't nearly as important as them loving God; a comment about kissing; some girls have a list of the top ten cutest boys in Bible Quiz; a girl says she has retained her "lipginity", meaning she has not kissed a boy; a close up of a woman's rear as she shakes it to music at an outside party; a man is seen kissing a woman on the neck.
Language: OMG (said in excitement)-1
Violence: None
Drugs: Beer drinking; beer cans seen on ground; a person comments that the air smells like alcohol; a sign about beer being for sale; it's mentioned a girl's mom is an alcoholic.
Nudity: None
Other: A comment about people drinking or swearing or making out is not as important as people loving God; an atheist tells Christian girls they are smart if they don't believe in God.


Company: Virgil Films
Director: Nicole Teeney
Producer: Nicole Teeney
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 76 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter