The Christmas Beacon (Manuscript)



The Christmas Beacon is an uplifting, romantic mystery about a desperate young man who seeks a miracle from God at Christmas to heal his cancer-stricken mother. Scott Weldon makes a bargain with God: if He would heal his mother, then Scott would erect a tall Cross in his backyard as a monument to Him. In his desperation, Scott mounts the Cross before his mother receives God’s healing and a mysterious phenomenon occurs: the Cross becomes supernaturally illuminated. The illuminated Cross draws many to his backyard to see this wonder. This “miracle Cross” also draws controversy from the media, city officials and an unwelcomed visitor. With the support of his Pastor, friends and neighbors Scott is hopeful that God will answer his prayer. But with mounting opposition, will God heal Scott’s mother even if he’s forced to take the Cross down?

Dove Review

“The Christmas Beacon” is a manuscript shining with hope! It is an inspirational and powerful story about a miracle at Christmastime.

To the author, I truly enjoyed this story very much. I think the characters of Scott, Shari, Annie, Andi and the rest are believable and good examples of Christian characters who courageously deal with their trials in life. The story about the miracle of the cross, the “Christmas Beacon”, was intriguing to say the least and the conflict that it caused, with complaints about the traffic and the non Christians were realistic examples that you might expect to really happen. The fact the story is wholesome while dealing with realistic issues was also a plus. I could easily see this being made into a film.

I like the fact that the character of Scott chose to honor God before his answered prayer had been realized. The script features drama, some romance, and a miracle following the testing of several people’s faith, which to me makes a terrific and remarkable story. This story is wholesome enough for all ages although I realize the very young might have a short attention span with it. The added moments of humor help round out the script. The fact that several people support the cross and applaud is inspiring.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Young gang members shoot a pellet gun several times into a crowd but fortunately no one is harmed.
Sex: Kissing by a couple; a woman smiles seductively and attempts to sway a leader toward agreeing with her opinion.
Language: None
Violence: Young gang members shoot a pellet gun several times into a crowd but fortunately no one is harmed.
Drugs: IV used on sick woman.
Nudity: None
Other: A family deals with raw emotions as their mother battles cancer; a strong Christian man has a moment of anger toward God; an atheist woman attempts to fan the flames of complaint about the tall cross; a leader worries about a "religious uprising".


Company: The Radical Ride
Writer: Lanny Smith
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 112 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter