A Hope Without Walls

DVD Release: May 1, 2014
A Hope Without Walls


Outside the walls of an unorthodox coffee shop, an unlikely friendship begins when a lawyer stands up for a bullied homeless man, whose life of faith reveals the importance of forgiveness in this inspirational story of limitless hope!

Dove Review

“A Hope Without Walls” offers just what the title promises: hope. The story focuses on a homeless man named Jerry who influences a man named Derek. Derek recently learned his wife had an affair but then she went to a Bible study and is trying to turn her life around and she wants Derek to join her. Derek doesn’t feel he is ready for God but Jerry encourages him that God is just what he needs in his life. Derek helps feed Jerry so the two benefit from their brief friendship. When a man gives his life to save another, Derek sees God’s love in action and the moment for him to make his decision arrives.

This awesome short film makes a point that a person can influence others and often during a limited window of time. The theme of “Hope is a way of life” as one character says, is inspiring. We are pleased to award “A Hope Without Walls” our Family-Approved Seal for ages twelve plus. It demonstrates hope in a powerful way.

Content Description

Sex: It's stated a wife cheated on her husband but is sorry and wants her husband to forgive her; some guys talk about the "hot honeys" they saw.
Language: Fool-1; Holy Moly-1
Violence: Some young men give a homeless man a hard time and threaten him and steal a lunchbox he has but they wind up giving it back to him; a cat jumps on a homeless man but he is okay; a man says his dad used his belt on him until he was 13 and he often had a red back but he forgave his dad; a man is struck by a vehicle and dies.
Drugs: Alcohol bottles seen in café and on street; man drinks beer.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: A woman doesn't want her dog to eat her spoiled pork but tells a homeless man he can have it if he wants; we see the plight of the homeless including several people who are dirty and searching for food while living on the streets; someone mentions winning money from a lottery ticket; a man missing a leg says it happened to him in the war.


Company: Rock Solid Creative Studio
Director: Paul Schneider
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 42 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter