A Love That Hurts

DVD Release: September 26, 2013
A Love That Hurts


A newly wed couple (Chris and Samantha) find themselves struggling to overcome a tragic miscarriage. Devastated by the unforeseen loss of their child; Chris escapes the pain by focusing on his role as a provider. As Samantha reaches out to discover new ways to gain his intimacy, she seeks advice from close friends (Jacob and Leslie). As unsuspected trauma enters their lives, Chris and Samantha are confronted with lies and betrayal and must now experience “A Love that Hurts.”

Dove Review

“A Love that Hurts” is an appropriate title for this powerful and compelling movie! The plot features a couple that has a lot to overcome. Chris and Samantha have become distant due to a few events in their lives and now a close friend named Jacob sees a vulnerable situation with Samantha and during one of her dark moments takes advantage of her. With a cloud hanging over their heads, the only way Chris and Samantha can move forward is by turning to God and going to counseling. Will it work? You will have to watch this film to find out but the story will pull you in!

Due to the sophisticated themes, we are awarding our Family Approved Seal for ages twelve plus to this gritty and down-to-earth story. The hope it offers is inspiring. “A Love that Hurts” has earned five Doves from The Dove Foundation!

Content Description

Sex: An affair between a married man and drunken married woman who both regret it later on; a wife talks to her husband about being more intimate; a married man flirts with a waitress but he is a changed man later in the film.
Language: G-4
Violence: A woman in anger stabs her husband and he is wounded and bloody; blood is seen on a woman who has just had a miscarriage.
Drugs: A woman drinks wine and becomes drunk; a comment about wine.
Nudity: Cleavage and a shirtless man.
Other: Marital problems and tension between characters; a few couples have verbal fights; a man asks how God could take his child away but things turn around in his life; death and grief; a wife lies about a text message but comes clean later on; a man encourages a woman to get an abortion but she doesn't.


Company: Framed By Grace Films
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 95 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter