Goofy Movie

Theatrical Release: April 10, 1995
DVD Release: April 10, 1995
Goofy Movie


In this full length animated film, Walt Disney Pictures returns to its roots of providing wholesome, fun films for children. This one features the famous long-eared Disney character Goofy, who has a teenage son named Max. When Max causes a minor disturbance at his school, Goofy decides he should develop a closer relationship with him. He insists that Max go with him on an extended camping and fishing trip. Max would much rather be with his rock music loving friends and his new girlfriend Roxanne. But he yields to his dad’s wishes, and the two embark on a long auto trip through the West. They visit a country western resort, have an exciting camping adventure where they are accosted by a “Big Foot” gorilla, and experience a harrowing ride down a raging river on top of their auto. Along the way, though, Max misdirects them to Los Angeles where they attend a wild, colorful rock concert. All their adventures are great fun and are accompanied by lots of musical numbers with catchy tunes. This film will mostly attract children ages 2 through 6, but also some a few years older. Many will be too young to understand the plot, but all will enjoy the fast moving action, colorful characters and lively musical numbers.

Dove Review

Goofy’s efforts to develop a closer relationship with Max and his sincere love for him are touching and commendable. Max respects his dad, but they definitely have a generation gap which separates them. Goofy tries to impress Max with their long family heritage, but Max is more interested in his friends and getting to see the big upcoming rock concert in Los Angeles. Max is thoroughly enamored with his charming teenage girlfriend, Roxanne, and they have a healthy, budding relationship. Max can’t resist deceiving his dad into going to Los Angeles, but he eventually confesses to his misdeed and their experiences do bring them closer together. The action involves some humorous striking of various characters and some harmless destruction of building and autos, but they are not excessive. Unlike many cartoon movies, this one doesn’t depend on slapstick violence to entertain. There’s no offensive language in the dialogue and the only suggestive element is a mermaid lamp in a motel. Overall, A GOOFY MOVIE is a wholesome, fast moving children’s film with a touching theme of father-son bonding.

Content Description

Crude Language: NoneObscene Language: NoneProfanity: Exclamatory - Once (My God)Violence: Several times - Mild and Moderate (Goofy and other characters struck; gorilla chases Goofy and son; minor property destruction few times)Sexual Intercourse: NoneNudity: NoneHomosexual Conduct: NoneSexually Suggestive Action/Dialog:Once (mermaid lamp in motel)Drug Abuse: NoneOther: Father-son develop good relationship; son deceives father and girlfriend, but confesses.


Company: Buena Vista Home Video
Genre: Children
Industry Rating: G
Reviewer: Movie Morality Ministries - John Evans