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For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles

The film is the series of 7 episodes, which we have strung together into a feature length cut that gives the big picture overview of a compelling vision of Christianity’s relationship to culture and the various economies of life: family, creative service, ordering institutions, education and wisdom institutions, wonder and the fine arts, and then the church itself. The film is engaging and visionary, whimsical at points and substantive all in a single package.

Episode 1: Exile - Our journey begins by discovering a new – yet ancient – perspective: we are exiles, "not home yet," called to live as gift-givers wherever we are.
Episode 2: The Economy of Love - What is the point of family? We'll explore God's design for family – how it shapes us as individuals and contributes to the flourishing of our communities.
Episode 3: Creative Service - Is our labor in the world about survival, or is there more to the "daily grind"? We'll take a closer look at how our individual and collaborative endeavors play a part in a divine project of creativity.
Episode 4: The Economy of Order - It's not hard to find pain in this world. How do we seek justice for the oppressed? I wonder if creativity, freedom and hospitality have something to do with the answers we're searching for?
Episode 5: The Economy of Wisdom - Why should we know stuff? To accumulate knowledge? To get a good job? Maybe God gives us unique callings to understand his creation and use what we learn to serve others?
Episode 6: The Economy of Wonder - Must everything have a practical usefulness, or is there value in being useless? Perhaps, the blessed inefficiency of wonder helps us grasp God's extravagant, gratuitous love for us. "Taste and see that the Lord is good."
Episode 7: The Church - In our quest to know and live out "God's Economy of All Things," a rather large question remains: "What is the role of the church in the world?" Do our stories of exile have a purpose in God's plan for all things?
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“For the Life of the World” is a powerful and compelling series which will enlighten viewers everywhere! Evan Koons hosts this collection of shorts which feature several experts in theology and others, such as Dr. Tim Royer, a Christian, who not only looks at a person’s behavior but also the causes behind it.

This wonderful series tackles important topics such as love, marriage, wisdom, and retaining a wonder about the world around us. It features humor and down-to-earth people who give practical examples of ways to influence those around us with Christ’s love.

In episode one, a bit of an overview is given about the need for Christians to prepare the way of the Lord, sort of how John the Baptist did. And the question is asked: What is salvation for? In episode two the topics of love and marriage is examined with people who have been there. The high divorce rate among Christians is mentioned. Just as healthy soil is needed to grow vegetables or fruit, a healthy foundation, is required for successful marriages. The third episode is about creative service, or work and labor. The point is made that work should benefit others, not just one’s self and the importance of working in harmony is scrutinized. Episode four deals with order. Just as a referee would correct a hockey player for a cross check, order must be maintained in our lives. The need for hospitality is also examined.

In episode five the topic is wisdom. The need to use knowledge with wisdom is examined. God’s creation tells us about his knowledge just as a lion emulates God’s strength. Episode six speaks of wonder and keeping a sense of wonder and awe. Just as God said what He had created is good, we should appreciate the goodness of the life God has given us along with His beautiful creations. Finally, episode seven sums it all up and gives the example that music must be played and life must be lived and we live a life of hope in front of the world, to give them hope in Christ. We are Christ’s body and must remember that.

This is an impressive series and we heartily award it our “Faith Friendly” Seal for ages twelve plus, although some parents would be fine with kids a bit under twelve watching it. Parents should consult the content listing to make their own determination of their children s growth level. “For the Life of the World” is one amazing series of episodes!

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Archive footage of soldiers shooting guns; explosion; two men have fun by acting out cross checking and giving blows in hockey; a comment about the body of Christ being beaten and crucified.


A lady says she misses her husband's conversation as much as the sex; people's co-habitations are mentioned in addition to the fact there are same sex couples; David and Bathsheba are mentioned and people sleeping outside of their marriage vows.




Archive footage of soldiers shooting guns; explosion; two men have fun by acting out cross checking and giving blows in hockey; a comment about the body of Christ being beaten and crucified.


Man smokes pipe; winemaking is mentioned.




Tattoos on a few people.

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