DVD Release: October 14, 2012


Imagine a future where the government steals children from their parents and raises them for the so-called good of the state. Large, industrial-sized schools indoctrinate the children, medical amnesia pills keep the populace in line, and should those happen to fail, the secret police are standing by to restore order. But what happens when it’s a member of the secret police whose memories of family begin to return? Can one person take a stand against the vast machinery of the state? Can he atone for the horrors he’s committed himself? When Capt. Carl Onoway (Justin Lewis) begins to suffer his own painful memory surges, he learns what it’s like to be on the other side of the law.

Dove Review

“Remember” is a movie you will remember! It has a unique plot as the government is in control of parents’ children in 2050 and they force families to use a daily drug which continually removes their memory so they don’t recall they have children. The scripture is used that God will turn the children to their fathers and the fathers to the children, but Plato’s quote is framed in many homes which says, “No father shall know his child, no child shall know his father.” The children are raised by government “professionals”! The kids all wear the same uniforms. However, a couple begins to stop taking their medicine and they do begin to remember having children.

This is a future that looks grim, with people in soup lines and children taken by the government. However, there are a few Christians around that warn others about the memory drug and they gather together to comfort one another and to pray. Some wonder if the Christians are encouraging “treason” or “truth”. This unique movie is awarded our Faith Friendly Seal for ages twelve plus. “Remember” is a movie that is hard to forget! It clearly shows that God is in favor of families.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Man fights with agents and gun goes off and man seen lying in the snow; punches thrown; several characters are zapped by a device which seems to be like a Taser; a father is shot with zapper in front of his children; man hit in head with walkie talkie; people stunned; people shot in neck with drug; man is shot but he lives; guards seen with rifles.
Drugs: Drugs are used to remove people's memories and this is seen many times in this futuristic film; taking pills; talk of increasing prescription; woman loses pills down drain.
Nudity: None
Other: Woman taken into custody by government officials; people seen in a soup line; talk of gambling; talk of abortion and "population control".


Company: Green Apple Entertainment
Director: Dallas Lammiman
Producer: Greg Lammiman
Genre: Science-Fiction
Runtime: 107 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter