A Horse for Summer

DVD Release: January 6, 2015
A Horse for Summer


Kent and Teri Walsh and teenage daughter, Sarah, 14, move to Arizona to pursue Kent’s dream of running a horse boarding ranch. A failing economy makes pursuing this dream difficult. Their lives change dramatically when Kent’s street-hardened teenage niece, Summer, moves in after Ava, her mother is arrested. Summer has a difficult time adjusting to life on the ranch-as rules, respect, and faith has been missing from her life.

Caring for the horses gives Summer something to care about. When one of the horses falls ill, the Walsh’s finances are strained. When Summer makes the decision to do the wrong thing for the right reason, a community discovers the meaning of forgiveness, and Summer realizes this is the only place she has ever been where people really care about her.

Dove Review

I remember when I was a child sitting around the TV on Sunday night with the family, watching movies about animals and families. Well, this is that type of tale. It is a story about not turning one’s back on a member of the family when times are rough. Kent has worked hard to not make the mistakes his father did, and his wife Teri is the one that keeps the faith that everything will work out. But when his niece comes to live with them he has misgivings about the situation.

Teri and her daughter, Sarah, welcome Summer with open arms and try to help her adjust to this new way of life outside the big city. Summer on the other hand is not happy about her move until she relates to one of the horses on the ranch. That is when her decision to do something to help changes everything.

“A Horse for Summer” is a wonderful entertaining family movie about forgiveness, faith and family. It also shows that although someone may do the wrong thing for the right reason, it is still wrong. It also shows that people can make the wrong decisions when they are looking in the wrong places for answers. There are many valuable lessons in this faith-friendly story. We are proud to award this movie the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Sex: Husband and wife kiss twice, once in bed saying goodnight-wife rubs husband’s chest. Husband kisses wife on cheek and puts hand on her waist. Teenage boy sings love song
Language: Loser-1
Violence: Teenage boy speaks about his parents’ verbal fights, says he thought that they “might kill each other”. Mother yanks her son by the arm.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Cleavage
Other: A mother is arrested for stealing and parole violation; horse is sick and dies; young girl steals money from church; young girl with tattoos on back.


Company: Vertical Entertainment
Writer: Kenneth Lemm
Director: Nancy Criss
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 96 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe