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Such Were Some of You

"Such Were Some of You" is a 2-hour documentary produced by Mastering Life Ministries that is designed to equip church leaders and laity in how to more effectively minister to homosexuals who come to our churches. It begins with a contrast between the opinions of people on the street and biblical experts like Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Robert Gagnon and Dr. Neil T. Anderson. Then it moves into interviews with over two dozen former homosexuals (led by Dr. Julie Hamilton) who talk about how they developed homosexual attraction, what the gay lifestyle was really like, how they came to Christ, and what God has done since to bring healing and change to their lives.

Available to screen in churches and conferences, it also comes on DVD in two versions: a Regular Edition and a Leader's Edition that contains a discussion guide for use in Sunday school classes, home fellowship groups, support groups, ministries, seminars, counseling sessions, etc.
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“Such Were Some of You” is a powerful and inspiring documentary! And it is one that can be used as a support group or teaching DVD. The program features several former gays and lesbians that frankly discuss their backgrounds, their attraction to people of the same sex, their empty feelings and ultimately their redemption through the power of God’s word and the Lord.

Julie Hamilton, Ph.D., shares her knowledge including the fact that a person that said in the 90s there was a gay gene discovered in fact was not telling the truth. Other experts include Dr. Robert A.J. Gagnon, Associate Professor of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, that states God designed men and women to fit together sexually in marriage. We hear many common stories in the DVD, such as individuals who did not feel a bond with a mother or father, loneliness, and they craved love. We hear from those that were molested, raped, abused and how it affected them in their decision to walk in the gay lifestyle. We hear some share that they still occasionally struggle in the mind but that God has delivered them. Several tell of how a small voice, the voice of God, encouraged them that He was with them and would help them.

This powerful and compelling production is frank, featuring many comments about sex, but it is done with taste as the individuals share what God brought them out of. “Such Were Some of You” makes it clear that no matter what the sin is, God can make it a former sin and give those who are thirsty a new life. What a powerful tool!

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A brief re-enactment of a man striking a woman.


Frank comments about sex including comments about same sex attractions but nothing graphic, comments about masturbation, orgies, sexual abuse; talk of one night stands; watching porn including gay porn; man and woman kiss; a comment about having sex by one's self; talk of adult shops; comment about being a male prostitute; a comment about being a stripper.


OMG-1; H (as a place)-5; Butt-1


A brief re-enactment of a man striking a woman.


A few scenes of a person on the street smoking cigarettes; talk of former drug use and abuse such as cocaine; talk of alcohol abuse and being drunk; comments about gay bars; couple seen with champagne.


Cleavage in a couple of scenes; short shorts.


Some people state they believe people are born gay; man says he was called a "sissy" by his dad; man says he cried when he was converted and mentions the word "snot" a few times; the talk of temptations and struggles; a few people mention they thought of or attempted suicide.

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