The Identical

Theatrical Release: September 5, 2014
DVD Release: January 13, 2015
The Identical


THE IDENTICAL tells the compelling story of twin brothers unknowingly separated at birth during the Great Depression. DREXEL HEMSLEY becomes an iconic 50’s rock ‘n’ roll star, while RYAN WADE (Blake Rayne) struggles to balance his love for music and pleasing his father. The Reverend Wade (Ray Liotta) and his wife (Ashley Judd) are sure their adopted son has been gifted and called by God to be a preacher. But Ryan challenges his parent’s vision for his life, and unflinchingly chooses to launch his own music career with his best friend (Seth Green). Encouraged by his wife (Erin Cottrell) and employer (Joe Pantoliano), Ryan embarks on an unpredictable, provocative path – performing the legendary music of Drexel Hemsley in sold out venues all across the country.

As the brothers’ destinies tragically collide, Ryan discovers that Drexel is his identical twin which leads him to question everything he’s ever believed about God, family and his own identity.

Dove Review

“The Identical” is a clever and original movie! Blake Rayne is a discovery in the twin roles of Ryan Wade and Drexel Hemsley. A young couple, William and Helen Hemsley, have twins during the Great Depression and after hearing their local pastor, Rev. Wade, explain the heartache he and his wife have gone through following her miscarriage, William convinces Helen to give one of their twins to the couple so as to help the Wades and themselves by easing their financial burden.

Ray Liotta is excellent as the fiery preacher that wants young Ryan to follow in his footsteps as a pastor. Ashley Judd is also marvelous as his wife Helen. Unfortunately, Ryan doesn’t hear the call to preach, but rather a call to sing and entertain. He loves Drexel Hemsley, not realizing he is his own twin brother. The humorous moments and music help make this movie a winner. The audience follows Ryan on his journey as he falls in love with a woman (Erin Cottrell) who encourages him in his music. He begins to sing like Drexel Hemsley and in an ironic moment, enters a contest for the “best identical Drexel” and Drexel himself shows up to proclaim the winner. There are strong similarities to Elvis Presley in this story. Ultimately, the idea that one should be what God created one to be, and not a copy of someone else, makes a great statement in the movie. We award this entertaining movie, “The Identical”, our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages twelve plus. This original and clever movie entertains and should not be missed!

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Police apprehend man that stole car; an officer knocks a young man down.
Sex: Kissing between a man and woman.
Language: O/G-1; H-1
Violence: Police apprehend man that stole car; an officer knocks a young man down.
Drugs: The smoking of cigarettes; drinking in several scenes including beer and one with whiskey; bar scenes; underage drinking that is stopped by police; a comment about the smell of reefer in a bar;
Nudity: Mild cleavage.
Other: A character has a mild heart attack but survives; tension between characters; a woman is saddened over a miscarriage; sorrow over adopting out a child to another family; a son gets into trouble for stealing his father's car; a character dies in a plane crash.


Company: Cinedigm
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 107 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter