The Saddle Club: Adventure At Pine Hollow

DVD Release: July 2, 2013
The Saddle Club: Adventure At Pine Hollow


Stevie, Carole and Lisa seem to have it all—a great riding stable with an amazing coach, beautiful horses, acres of trails and, at Pine Hollow Stables, they have formed The Saddle Club. The world is quickly changing for these 12-year-old girls, from preparing for a major horse show to dealing with boys, but they can count on one thing: they will always have each other.

Dove Review

Growing up amid the excitement of an Australian riding stable, Lisa, Carole, and Stevie juggle their time between riding, school, and boys. Their love of horses and each other is seen throughout this film based on an Australian TV series, which itself was based on a series of books by Bonnie Bryant.

These three best friends experience horse health crises, the impending birth of a foal, and a boy their age who is, in his own fumbling way, trying to figure out how to let Stevie know he likes her.

Their bond is tested by an unpleasant, spoiled rich girl who has nothing kind to say except when she is trying to manipulate others for her own gain. Coping with the nasty Veronica and her stubbornness becomes a challenge when it leads to a horrible accident and the death of her horse after she is challenged to a jump off by another riding student.

Carole is still contending with the death of her veterinarian mother in the not-so-distant past. She dreamed of following in her footsteps, but experiences doubt when she has the opportunity to job shadow the stable vet, Dr. Judy. The other girls surround her with encouragement to not give up when she faces the reality of what it takes to care for animals large and small.

The film portrays the joy of committed relationships, the challenge of growing up, and always trying to do the right thing woven into an engaging storyline. Horse lovers of all ages will delight in this film, but especially girls in the 7- to 12-year-old range. We are proud to approve this film for all ages.

Content Description

Sex: Dating.
Language: 1 each, use of stupid and screwed up.
Violence: Falling from a horse; death of a horse.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Several instances of mild disrespect to adults with consequences.


Company: Cinedigm
Producer: Lynn Bayonnes
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 75 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Nancy Bowens